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Grand Cayman Island

February 24 ~ March 10, 2014

This travel adventure started out at cold Syracuse with a flight to Charlotte

and then on to George Town, Grand Cayman Island.  Our US Airways

flights were on time and comfortable.  We are on our long awaited

Honeymoon at the Reef Resort on Grand Cayman Island.  It was also the

chance to celebrate John's 80th birthday in the warm sunny Cayman

Island weather while our many family and friends in Owego and other

places suffered a continuing long drawn out cold winter.  Our

condo stay at Grand Cayman was a wedding present, lucky us!

Greeting to the Reef Resort!

It was a beautiful Cayman Island day for a birthday.  The

 Caribbean sea waters were at our door step.

The Reef Resort sandy beach!

The beach stretched for a long way southward.

Boats like this one took charter groups to scuba dive in the

Sea.  There were about a half a dozen boats providing

scuba diving adventures.

There were many adventures to experience at the Reef

Resort they ranged from parasailing like these brave souls

were doing, to sailing and small power boat  driving.

Sunrises were beautiful each morning. 

February 27 was especially beautiful sunrise with the

cloud reflecting the sun's rays.

Later in the afternoon, the sun gave us beautiful reflections

off the clouds over the sea.

A striking sunrise greeted us on the 28th.

Palm trees and clouds make a beautiful early sunrise.

In the afternoon, the surf kicked up and the waves

added to the beauty of our setting.

The condo building where our unit was is in the background of

this photo.  In front is one of the two pools on

the Reef Resort property.

The Reef Resort's dock extending out in to deeper water.

A view in front of the main building of the resort.

Beach side dining area located on the sandy beachside.

Beach side bar.  They serves a very tasty Caybrew beer.

Sea Gulls on the Reef's dock. 

Reef's Condo buildings line the beach.

Boats & condo units at seaside.

Condo buildings from the Resort's dock.

Morritt's Resort next door to the Reef Resort.

The boat houses at Morritt Resort.  This is where you

could chart a boat for a scuba dive cruise.

The other pool at the Resort.  A very relaxing place

to sun bathe.

The front entrance to the Reef Resort

Some times you cannot escape American institutions.

The Morritt's shopping center.  There were a very nice Italian

restaurant,  sports good store, spirit shop and a adequate grocery

store available without driving into George Town.

It was relaxing time all the time during our stay.  It was

easy to sit and look at the water and read books.  We

watch very little TV while on Cayman island.

Surf was up today by late afternoon.

A beautiful sunrise makes for a pleasant warm day ahead.

We had rented a car for the time we were on the

island.  On March third, we ventured out for a drive.  We

came upon one of the many iguanas that are

wild on the road.  Can you find

in  this iguana in this picture?

On our drive, we stopped at the Queen Elizabeth II Botany

Park.  It is one of the more interesting spots to visit on

the island.  Unfortunately for us it was the wrong season

as few plants were in bloom.  This sign was posted

in the parking lot of the parks greeting center.

This one of the blue Iguana's that are native to

Cayman Island.  They are an exclusive animal

to this island.

A model of the blue iguana at the visitors center. 

The look mean and they are mean.

Carol on one of the Park's walkway paths.


A path in the Xerophytic Garden

The park had many interesting plants and trees.

Another iguana wandering around in the park!

Carol by one of the few flowering plants in season at the park.

A very interesting warning sign!



A thatched roofed shelter along the parks many trails.

An interesting fountain at the visitor's center


Resting at the end of a long hike through park.

Clouds with sun rays lighting them up in the late afternoon.!

Wednesday March 5th, an exceptional sunrise on display!

As we were enjoying the early morning hours a cruise ship

sailed away from George Town toward is next port of call.

Today is the 47th Annual Agricultural Show at the the

Stacy Watler Pavilion, Carol had heard about this event

earlier so we were off to to visit the show. Above is the main

entrance.  We paid $20.00 per person

Cayman money to gain admission.

This tent held space for local vendors to sell their wares. 

Most of the merchandise was home made and ranged

from local spice sauces to scented soaps.

Craft items entered for judging were on display.  You

could see the blue and red ribbons on

some of the articles.

More handicrafts.

Judged produce display.

More vegetables with winning ribbons.

We asked a Cayman Police Officer to take our picture

with visiting the Show. 

All kinds of animals were entered into various classes.  Above

are chickens to be judged.  Goats, cows and horses were

entered into the various classes on display.

Mom pig and her little one's at lunch time.

An ecology exhibit at the Show.  The question was posed

about how much the cube of crushed soda cans weighted.

Carol went to buy a brownie from these Girl Scouts, her

purchase ended up as a donation and we had new found

Girl Scout friends on Cayman Island.  They wanted our

picture with the girls and their leader.

On our way back to the Reef Resort we stopped at the

section of the shoreline famous for it Blow Hole display. 

While the surf was not high, spectular blow hole action

was present as you can see from this photo and the next one.

At high tide time with heavy seas the water

shots high above the beach.

An interesting Thursday morning sunrise.

Friday beautiful sunrise.

Sunrise under the palm leaf on Saturday morning.

Thunder heads forming in the afternoon.

March 10th our last sunrise of this trip.  Clouds add a

beautiful frame for the sun's rays.

Another early morning view!


A last photo as we prepare to load the car and drive to

the airport.  It has been a very relaxing and restful 14 days. 

Cares seem to melt away and my 80th birthday

celebration was perfect.